Challenge your friends and get the Full Bull experience on our new automatic riding bull!
Max 320lbs

Price: $799.00 plus tax 

Our Do-It-Yourself Rentals

Includes everything you need for your party...Speakers & Stands, Amplifer, Mixer, Dual CD Player, Sound Activated Lights, Microphone and all needed set-up cables. Most of our rentals are designed with the novice in mind and are simple to use. Plus, we provide a separate hook-up for your own media, so you can play music directly from your laptop or iPod, as well as from any CD's you may have.

JumpAround Promotions offers incredible equipment that can enhance any concert or festival experience. Our company can provide band shows, stage trucks, generators, smoke machines, lights, and inflatable screens and speakers that will make your event truly unique. We can also provide a full service Kid Zone to any festival—we will set up and run 5 to 12 inflatable products for children to jump around and play in. For more information, Contact Us! 


Custom speeds for the younger riders, from super slow to super cowboy and beyond!
Max 220lbs

Price: $499.00 plus tax 


Let our professional Staff Wrangler roundup your guests for guaranteed laughs and hours of fun!
Rental includes 4 hours of use, staff operator and delivery. 

Concerts & Festivals 


2 HUGE movie screens, great for family picnics or large group events. 20x20 or 10X16 screens include HD video projector, commercial audio system and Blue Ray Player. Operator included for duration of rental.(4 hour Rental) 

Dimensions: 20x20 Screen - Price: $589.00 plus tax

Dimensions: 10x16 Screen - Price: $489.00 plus tax 

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JumpAround is your premier resource for entertainment! Our team is motivated and determined to set the stage for any event you are planning. We’ll bring the sound, the sensational lights, the spectacular visual and video shows, and the ambiance to draw a crowd. Our company has top of the line sound equipment, giant inflatable screens, a photo booth to capture memories, a very exclusive DJ service, and a mechanical bull that is guaranteed to be a big hit at your event… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Fun is the platform JumpAround is built on, and with our years of involvement at concerts and festivals—combined with our creative approach to providing day- and night-time entertainment—we will create an occasion that’s tough to top. You can rent one speaker for the day, or we can showcase your event in a park, community center, or venue of your choice. We’ll bring our full lineup of sound gear, tents, stage equipment, musicians, and venders to throw a fun-filled party, concert, or festival in your name. Entertainment is our forte and our passion—that’s why we thrive when we’re picked to promote your business and wow your audience. 

Sound & Entertainment